Feng-shui painting - canvas prints

Choose a beautiful canvas reproduction of feng-shui paintings to activate the sectors of Bagua Feng-shui. Reproductions of feng-shui paintings are printed as a result of your orders. It takes a delivery time of 8 to 10 working days for France, and 15 working days for other countries, depending on the destination.

These reproductions perfectly imitate the original work of feng-shui painting, and allow you to benefit from the energies of colors and shapes released in the same way as the original painting. You will be able to work on your feng-shui decoration according to your wishes according to each feng-shui area. You will also have the joy of contemplating a work of art of beautiful dimensions that you will be able to harmonize with your living room, your room or your office. And even if you're not interested in feng-shui, the vibrations of these feng-shui paintings will bring you peace and serenity when you contemplate them. You will find the classification of feng-shui paintings by sectors in the sections feng-shui zones.

  • Waterfall and Bamboo - Canvas print

    Canvas reproduction by long-lasting ink printing. Available size: 50 x 40 cm.

    Feng-shui painting in harmony with the Career sector and the Silver sector.

  • Spring on the Lake - Canvas Print

    Canvas reproduction of the painting Printemps Le Lac. This feng-shui painting is in harmony with the Carrière sector, because of the symbolism of the mountain and its dominant blue. Canvas made in size 50 cm x 40 cm. The edges of the canvas are white. Available immediately

  • Canvas reproduction : The Gate of the Levant

    Reproduction on canvas The Gate of the Levant The gate of the rising will help you find your way, your vocation. To arrange in the Port of the Levant in harmony with the Career sector and the wealth sector Reproduction on canvas - Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm Print on quality canvas in unalterable ink

  • 9 feng-shui fish - canvas print

    Canvas print 9 Feng Shu Fish
    Canvas print mounted on a frame 60 cm x 50 cm.
    This painting with the symbol of the waterfall, and its 9 feng-shui fish is optimized to boost abundance. Place it in the Wealth sector in the south east