Feng-shui posters - feng-shui paintings Ellhëa

Ellhëa, painter feng shui offers reproductions of his paintings feng shui and Zen for a new and original feng-shui decorating your home.
Activate the areas of Bagua Feng Shui through unpublished feng shui posters or unique feng shui paintings to renew the energies of your home. The feng shui posters are in the format 45 x 32 cm print quality ink printing on paper 250g. They are sent under double protection, cardboard and carton roll by the post international colissimo recommended.

All rooms in your house will benefit from good feng shui. The plan, the orientations, the shapes and the dominant colors, the location of the furniture, decorative objects and paintings all contribute to the whole. Feng-shui is the art of harmonizing your interior to make you feel good, so that the energies circulate freely and bring you luck. Carefully choose a beautiful feng-shui paint reproduction in harmony with the feng-shui areas that you want to activate. Check out our feng-shui art posters, as well as our feng-shui paintings. : Career Zone - Renown Area Success - Wealth Zone - Love Zone and Relationships .....
as well as our feng-shui tips for every bagua area.
Whether you simply want to enhance the feng shui decoration of your living room, your bedroom or your office, or create an ideal feng shui home according to a well-studied plan, or simply wish to travel in the dream, discover our feng shui poster collections and our selection of reproductions of feng shui paintings on canvas.

  • Nouveau

    Feng-shui poster Phoenix Wonderful

    Poster feng-shui the Wonderful Phoenix, the symbolic bird of southern feng-shui. Activate your south sector with the Phoenix to help your success.

  • New

    Feng-shui poster Fish Wealth

    Here is a new feng-shui poster to activate the wealth sector in your home. The representation of the 9 feng-shui fish accompanied by Chinese coins are reputed to attract abundance.

  • Poster feng shui Peonies artist Ellhëa

    Poster feng shui Peonies

    Feng shui poster in harmony with the love sector.
    Peonies are a symbol of luck in love

  • Poster feng-shui Spring on the Lake

    The symbol mountain elevation is excellent to boost the career area (North)

  • Poster feng-shui the secret Source artist Ellhëa

    Poster feng-shui the secret Source

    The poster The Secret Source of its domainante green and the water source symbol of abundance, will be beneficial in feng shui sector wealth (southeast)

  • Poster The Inner Garden

    The feng-shui poster The Inner Garden is in harmony with the Career sector. You can have it in the North area of your office or home to help boost your career.

  • Zen feng-shui poster The Little Monk

    If you want to activate the feng-shui sector: Wisdom, Knowledge, Studies, Spirituality, in the North-East, here is a painting reproduction that could inspire you. The little monk full of wisdom will help you to meditate.

  • Zen poster The Monk of the Sands

    The zen feng-shui poster The Moine of the Sands will help you to meditate. If you want to use it for feng-shui, place it in the Northeast sector, Wisdom - Knowledge to stimulate the energies of this area of feng-shui bagua.

  • Feng-shui poster Waterfall Dreams painting Ellhëa

    Poster Feng-shui The Waterfall of Dreams

    The waterfall of dreams will be nice to stimulate the wealth sector of your home, or your office. Bamboos are symbols of growth and financial luck, white water and goldfish will boost the positive energies of abundance in the feng-shui zone of the southeast.

  • Zen Poster The Lotus Roses painting Ellhëa

    Poster zen the pink lotus

    This painting reproduction is in harmony with the Sagesse sector, meditation in the North East. This very subtle fragrance is a symbol of wisdom and spiritual elevation. Poster size: 45 x 32 cm Print on paper 250 g

  • Poster feng shui Pisces

    The feng-shui art poster The Pearl Fish represents koi carps in a pool of white water. It will be an excellent stimulator for the Feng-shui Wealth Abundance Zone, southeast of your home or office.

  • Feng-shui poster Tai Chi Center Painting Ellhëa

    Taï Chi Centre poster

    This painting is in harmony with the center of the house. It can be used to raise the energy of the house overall. This area of the center is also related to health.
    This poster reproduction of painting is in the format 45 cm x 32 cm

  • bamboos - art poster Ellhea

    Feng-shui posters Bamboos

    These bamboos or filter sunlight will happily activate your Wealth sector. (Southeast sector) If you are in love with nature, here is a symbol of growth and luck to dispose in your home.

  • Feng-shui poster God of Wealth

    The Chinese like to decorate their rich homes with the gods of wealth. This little God of very nice wealth can activate the south-east sector of your office or your home

  • Poster Frog of Chance

    The frog is a symbol of prosperity and luck in feng-shui. Near a waterfall it attracts the breeze of abundance. This feng-shui art poster will be in harmony with the Abundance Wealth sector. Let her go home.