Feng shui paintings to decorate your house

Feng-shui paintings to beautify your home and make you happy !

Works of art can be excellent feng-shui activators and bring you a lot of happiness and positive energies. From the point of view of feng-shui, their colors, their forms, and the symbolism of what they represent are important. Art reproductions are also very powerful. That's why it is important to choose the paintings or art reproductions you want to exhibit at home, if you want to live serenely and happily.

If you want to concentrate powerful beneficial energies at home, the best paintings that you can hang on your walls are first and foremost: works representing landscapes from which emanates a certain sweetness, harmony or a quiet force.

The rich Chinese houses are always decorated with beautiful paintings of mountains, with waterfalls, rivers. These paintings are very important for providing support to the family; they are strategically arranged. For example, mountain paintings are always hung behind the patriarch's chair, so that he enjoys strong support. A mountain painting behind an office chair allows you to have a good success in your career ...

In the same way, paintings representing symbols of good fortune, such as fruits, flowers, vigorous trees, bring luck and prosperity. Among the pictures you may wish to have at home, the peach is very popular because it is the symbol of a very good health and a long life. The peony is a symbol of luck especially in love.

Another category of favorable paintings is that of religious paintings, images of gods or goddesses, angels, sacred texts. These representations bring sacred blessings to the home. They are wonderful for activating positive CHI energy in your home.

If you want to have a feng-shui home where you feel happy, regardless of the excellence of the painting, there are representations of art to avoid: everything that can symbolize suffering, sorrow, sadness, violence such representations of wild animals (even if they are very beautiful - because they remain violent), sad characters shriveled faces, etc.,

How to allocate feng shui decoration, artwork or feng shui art posters in your home strategically ?

- To attract positive energies globally in the house: on the walls of the living room and the dining room and your entrance; this will give the whole family a chance and ensure a good family relationship.

- To activate and strengthen the feng-shui sectors according to their symbolic correspondences. (the colors of the feng-shui paintings, the symbolism of the works, the forms and the elements corresponding to the sectors). Some feng-shui paintings can be in harmony with several sectors.

You can hang feng-shui paintings in each feng-shui area of the particular bagua you want to activate. For example, if you want to have a more successful, stronger career, you can activate the Career sector of your home or office by suspending a feng-shui waterfall and mountain painting, or possibly a feng-shui art poster. shui of the same symbolic.

If you prefer abstract style works of art or very modern works more suggested, try to analyze if they correspond well to the sectors that you want to activate, for example for the southern sector a dominant of red will be welcome ...

If you want to decorate your home with feng-shui symbolic paintings, you can discover the works of the feng-shui artist Ellhëa, as well as the art reproductions of his feng-shui and zen paintings :

FENG-SHUI PAINTINGS (original painting)
FENG-SHUI ART POSTERS (feng-shui zone - Love - Career - Childrens and creativity - Success - Prosperity - Knowledge and wisdom - Family and health - Protectors - Taï chi centre)

Feng-shui poster Protectors

Feng-shui poster The Rich Woman
to activate the Protectors sector in the Northwest

Feng-shui poster  - wealth

Feng-shui poster Secret Source

to activate wealth sector or career sector.