Attrackting the chance : feng-shui colors for your entry door.

Attrackting the chance : feng-shui colors for your entry door

The color of your front door, as well as its condition, plays a role on the quality of the chi entering your home
To attract luck and improve the feng-shui of your home, Lillian too, advocates the following feng-shui colors for your main entrance, depending on the orientation of the door :

Door facing South
Door facing Southwest
Door facing Southeast
Door facing North
Door facing North West
Door facing Northeast
Door facing East
Door facing West

The Chinese consider that the entrance door represents the Kou, that is to say the mouth of the house by which the energy chi penetrates. It is therefore necessary to make sure of the quality of the chi which arrives towards your residence. Observe outside, is there a power pole to your door, a dead or dying tree, an angular building that sends poisoned arrows to your door?

If the tree or shrub in bad condition is at home, it is best to separate. But you will not take it away from your neighbor's house; as for the electric pole you can not move it. You will then use as a parade one of these feng-shui remedies:
- Pa Kua Feng-shui mirror
- a feng-shui 5-tube chime
- or you will have an obstacle (ex: erecting a wooden panel possibly to mask and ward off negative energy or shar chi, create a masking by a curtain of trees)
About trees, do not plant a tree just in front of the front door (the favorable chi would be hard to get into, do not plant a tree too close to the house.) If you have a tree part of your garden in front of your house, or a small garden it is necessary to maintain it well, and also to pay close attention to the presence of the dead leaves, remove them quickly, because they produce a very negative chi Be sure also to the shrubs and hedges so they are not too invasive.
The driveway to your front door must be clear of any obstacles (avoid flowerpots or stones that would block the way). A slightly winding driveway will bring very good energy to your home. A straight path to the door will move the chi too fast; the chi will arrive too quickly to your door.

Create a harmonious entrance hall for an excellent feng-shui - Choose feng-shui pastelles colors for your decoration.
Not only your entry is your brand, but it welcomes the fresh chi energy coming from outside, and it is important that it flows easily in the hall to be distributed in all the rooms of your house.
Feng-shui colors for your entry: pastel and bright colors. Tones blue, green, light pink, white. Do not use black, gray, brown (except the natural color of wood) or intense colors such as fluorescent green for example)
The disorder is to ban absolutely in the entrance hall, and nothing should interfere with the opening of the door.
Do not dispose in the entrance of plants with pointed or pungent leaves, or weapons.
The door should open easily without any resistance, do not creak, locks and handle in good condition.
Your front door should open inward, preferably on a large space.
If it opens on a narrow vestibule or hallway, try to give an impression of depth and space with a landscape poster. For your feng-shui decoration, you can choose a feng-shui painting with bright colors, like a watercolor (but do not choose a representation of source, ocean, waterfall, if you have to place it directly in front of the door) prefer a reproduction of green landscape.
If unfortunately your lobby is dark and cramped, hang a bright lamp over the door, and keep it on at least 3 H per day.
Observe when you enter your house, are there not angles towards the door, angles bearing bad chi? you can make up for it by placing a positive green plant in front of the corner, or a feng-shui special faceted crystal ball at the top of the corner.
In summary, so that a positive chi can be welcomed at home, the entrance hall must be tidy, clean, bright; the decoration sober, welcoming, not too overloaded; the passage in the hall must be easy.
Beautiful colors feng-shui for your entry hall, strengthen the chi with a feng shui decoration corresponding to the orientation of your door.

First of all for any orientation, put next to your front door Crassula ovata plant or argentea called jade plant that will strengthen the energies of luck and abundance.
- For a door facing south, you can decorate your lobby with a beautiful chandelier, hang on your walls a painting of sunflowers, or have a bouquet of flowers of silk sunflowers (no bouquet with flowers dried)
- Southwest: yellow ocher stones, couples symbols in terracotta statue, paintings depicting couples, a couple of ceramic ducks
- to the south-east: green oval-leaved plants, a sailboat, a small fountain (orient the flow of water towards the interior of the house), a representation of source
- in the North: representations of fish, an aquarium, blue vases, a black and white drawing
- in the North-West: golden metal balls a golden or silver statuette
- in the Northeast: crystals, a lamp with a wooden foot, a ceramic buddha
- in the East: plants, a fruit bowl, flowering plants
- in the West: a metal chime, a crane representation ....

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